Fungal infection treatment

30% of the population suffer from fungal infections of the skin. With antifungal ointments, which are non-prescriptioned available in pharmacies (Canesten, Daktarin, Lamisil) cure is fairly quick and successful.

8% of the population has the misfortune to have fungal nail infection, which affects either only one or several nails at the same time. Nails lose luster, start yellowing, become thick, they crush and are accompanied by a characteristic odor.



Onychomycosis can not be cured with ointments and sprays. Years ago there was an effective nail prescription Loceryl, that requested half a year, regular grinding and lubrication. And patients all give up, so nail polish stopped selling. The only solution remain today is systemic treatment with serious side effects, that many doctors do not want to implement.

Without side effects, quickly and painlessly, today fungal nail infections are treated with IPL lasers.


Before the treatment, it is advisable to sanded the nail. (To prevent the spread of infections, leave this service to us!) Then, diseased areas are overheated and irradiated with laser light to damage the fungus and to stimulate the immune system and restoration of the natural nail.

The amount of therapy depends on disability of nail plate and the duration of the infection. The initial state of infection generally takes 3-4 therapy. Treatment only takes a few minutes and is completely painless. Laser light cause the immediate death of the live fungus, but has to be repeated for some time to destroy fungus spores as well. Unsightly appearance of the diseased areas are resolved at the time when a new nail grows.

How to prevent the spread of infections, how to prevent re-infection, and last but not least, instructions and tips for successfully completed treatments, we intervene in first reading.

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