Brazilian wax

Currently the most popular intimate waxing, a so-called Brazilian waxing.

Before your first visit, it usually raises a bunch of questions, to which we responded with the article:
Brazilian waxing; frequently asked questions. (article in translation)

For brazilian waxing we use natural waxes derived from beeswax and pine resin, which provide excellent adhesion and does not irritate the skin. We nurture the waxed skin with rice body powder, almond oil and, at your request, as well as propolis ampoule for intensive sedation and local anaesthetic.

Price: 30 €

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With a team of the Journal Dnevnik, we have prepared a video, how the Brazilian waxing is done.


When the skin is sensitive, when you do brazilian waxing for the first time and when there is summer heat outside, it can happen that the skin will be aroused for some time. In order to mitigate the phenomenon, we recommend:

1. Keep waxed skin as dry as possible

Sweat (because it contains salt), further irritate the waxed skin, so at least for the first day of waxing, we recommend using baby powder, that will bind skin moisture and calm the skin. Always use a powder with no assay of cancer causing talc!!! (Read more in the article: Talc, no thank you!) (Article in translation).

If possible, don`t shower later that day, when doing brazilian wax. Dry skin will recover faster. If this is unavoidable, let go of liquid soap, and after washing, use baby powder.

2. Don`t bother waxed skin with cosmetics

With the exception of baby powder, additional cosmetics (even Bepanthen and aloe vera) are not recommended. Irritated skin should be left alone as much as possible and not further burdened with unnecessary chemicals and moisture, that usually worsen the condition.

3. Let the skin breathe

Under tight, synthetic clothes, the skin will moisture faster and that adversely affect the irritated skin. We recommend loose clothing, made of natural materials.



vajazzleIntimate decorating, that American women went crazy for, also available with us.
Make an anniversary, valentines or summer evening surprise!
Different shapes available.

Price: bikini 8 €, breasts 15 €

VIDEO: Jennifer Love Hewitt talking about vajazzling


Vajazzle is the new trend of decorating female private parts with crystals. Because we like to surprise, we are open and mischievous, because we love to be innovative and attractive.

Vajazzle is applied to the skin, where the hairs were previously completely removed. Stability depends on the area of application and subsequent treatments, generally about 5 days.

Price of Swarovski vajazzling is about 100 €, the process takes up to 1 hour. Usually the customers choose a more favorable alternative of artificial crystals, which are administered in a previously prepared forms, where the price ranges are somewhere up to 20 €.

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