Lash tinting

At the request of the customer, eyelashes can be tinted to achieve slight definition around eyes with the most natural appearance even when not wearing makeup.

We use soft colors and developers, which are intended only for sensitive eyelashes and eyebrows care. Peroxide is not used!

Price: 15 €

podaljsevanje-trepalnicLash extension

Silk eyelashes LuxusLashes that we have chosen for you, are the highest standard. Extremely flexible and intense black colored, they provide glamour, natural look. The length and the shape, you arrange with the stylist, based on your natural lashes.

They are persistent up to 8 weeks, depending on the growth cycle of individual natural lashes. To maintain the volume, the reconstruction is needed every 3-4 weeks.
Suitable for sensitive eyes and users of contact lenses.

Price: 80 €, Refill: 40 €

semi-permanent-maskaraPermanent semi mascara

Service is canceled.

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