Permanent hair remove

We are one of the few in Slovenia, offering the latest technology of permanent hair removal, performed by laser SHR (aka Super hair removal/ In motion technology).

It is the latest generation of IPL systems, which gives remarkable, lasting results, and unlike previous systems, allows a pleasant user experience.

Compared with other systems, with lasers SHR, dark as well as light and red hair, can be removed. Treatments may be performed on bright as well as dark, delicate and thin skin.


Its advantage compared to other systems is that the treatments do not hurt and are extremely fast. If you had to spend 1 hour per treatment with old systems, you would now need only few minutes. If you had experienced previous treatments as “shooting elastics”, now you would not feel anything.

The results are above expectations and most inportant, sustainable.

We trust so much in our treatment, that we are ready to offer a warranty for it.

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Do you bother, that no one can guarantee you, how many treatments you will need for permanent hair removal and you are therefore rightly concerned about how much will it all cost?
Do you bother, that no one can guarantee, that the hairs in a year or two will not grow again and you will again have to pay for their removal?

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(No matter how many treatments are needed for your hair to be permanent remove, we will repeat the treatment until we reach a satisfactory end.)

(If in the next 5 years, secondary hairs is willing to take on the role of destroyed terminal, they will be, free of charge, also removed.)

(For all of the above promises, you will be gained a contract in which we commit to this things.)


If you have any questions you can call us or subscribe to the free examination with consultation.

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