Special facial

Certain skin types require special treatment, personalized care, individual approach and special products.

If you suffer from skin couperose, rosacea or atopic dermatitis, the following treatments might be suitable for you.

Couperose skin facial

Couperosis is an expression for type of skin condition, where enlarged small blood vessels shine through the skin. Such skin should avoid additives in cosmetics, such as preservatives, detergents, emulsifiers, perfumes … and alcohol. Banned are all preparations which supply the skin, mechanical exfoliation, extreme temperature changes (sauna, vaporizer) and preparations which cause occlusion.

kuperozaThe service includes:

  • surface cleansing and toning with sensitive products
  • enzymatic peeling
  • deep cleansing
  • high frequency
  • cooling mask
  • suitable protective cream

Rosacea skin facial

The skin affected by rosacea is dry, hot to the touch and usually sores of much skin fat (eg. acne or seborrheic dermatitis). It is necessary to define rosacea stage progression and adapt accordingly care. In the first stage we see the sensitive, dry skin with redness. Redness starts to spread, the skin becomes hot. In the next step, skin is sown with pimples and bubbles, which may be promoted in the acne and extended skin inflammation. In the final stage connective tissue deformities (typical bulbous nose) begin to form.

rozaceaThe service includes:

  • surface cleansing and toning (by Pevonia rozacea)
  • enzymatic peeling
  • deep cleansing
  • high frequency
  • salicylic acid coating
  • sensitive mask with lavender extracts and appropriate protective cream (Pevonia rozacea)

We also recommend: Salicylic acid coating package

Eczema skin facial (atopic dermatitis)

At first glance, extremely dry and peeled skin, but in depth there are inflamed skin lesions with disrupted hydrolipidic layers. The skin feels drizzling and burning. During the outbreak the professional care is not recommended. Continue with usual daily care that will help you overcome the condition.

During eczema sleep, we can help you to restore skin`s pH and bust it with moisture, nutrients and substantial appease.

nea-seal-blue_01Te service includes:

  • surface cleansing with “eczema wash gel”
  • tonifying with floral water
  • vitamin ampoule (A, C, E)
  • high frequency
  • massaging with eczema cream (contains hemp oil, shea butter, vit. E)
  • protective “eczema” cream (grape seed oil, honey, cocoa butter)


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