Complete facial by Pevonia

– surface cleaning and toning,
– enzymatic peeling,
– heating the skin with vaporizer,
– deep pore cleansing (removal of skin impurities)
– high frequency,
– ampoule
– mask,
– massage,
– skin protection.

duration: app 90 min.
price: 73€

Moisturizing care

Moisturizing is suitable for all skin types. Some people are genetically short of moisture in the skin, others for using the wrong cleaning and softening agents, third parties due to improper lifestyle, etc.
Lack of moisture is the first step towards premature aging of the skin, so make sure for its sufficient quantities in the skin and the body as soon as possible.

Nourishing care

Treatment is suitable for dry, elderly and stress damaged skin, that need, beside moisturizing, also a lot of rich nutrients.

Sensitive care

Sensitive Care is suitable for sensitive, extremely dry, thin or couperose skin.
The very delicate preparations and procedures that soothe irritation and redness are used in this treatment.

Cleansing care

Cleaning Care is ment for thick, oily skin, damaged by comedones, pimples and acne. The emphasis is on removing impaired creatinined layer of the epidermis, deep pore cleansing and counseling.

Anti age care

Anti-aging treatment is designed for skin aged 30+, who feel the need for moisture, nutrients and vitamins. Treatment reimburse them shine, flexibility and good looks.
The emphasis is on the use of preparations based on collagen, ellastin and vitamins.

Vitamin care

Suitable for all skin types, since vitamins are known for their very desirable antioxidant (anti-aging) operation, humidification and nutrients ability, to help regenerate and heal the skin.



Feel free to bring products, that you daily use for cleaning and grooming your skin. Free of charge by the treatment, we will make their analysis and determine the appropriateness for your skin type.

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